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Uveal melanoma resources

Explore professional guidance and share advocacy information with patients.

Professional guidance

Bertil Damato, MD, PhD

Senior Clinical Research Fellow,
University of Oxford

For illustrative photos to aid in identification
and diagnosis of ocular lesions, please visit:

Clinical perspectives

Bertil Damato, MD, PhD

Detecting UM video poster Different tumors video poster Standards of care video poster

Advocacy information

Immunocore is partnering with advocacy organizations to bring more attention to this rare disease state. Below are some of the various organizations available to offer a range of resources and services.

Patient resources

'A Cure In Sight' logo

A Cure In Sight

Awareness resources and apparel, advocacy and fund-raising, and research updates

'AiM at Melanoma Foundation' logo

AiM at Melanoma Foundation

Melanoma Learning Center, research initiatives, Living with Melanoma symposiums, fund-raising events

'Melanoma Network of Canada' logo

Melanoma Network of Canada

Educational resources (A Guide to Uveal Melanoma), webinars, UM online forum

'Melanoma Patient Network Europe' logo

Melanoma Patient Network Europe

Tips for prevention and early detection, activities and resources, videos about UM

'Melanoma Research Foundations Cure OM Initiative' logo

Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF)'s CURE OM Initiative

Patient education and forum, research center, support groups

'Ocular Melanoma Foundation' logo

Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF)

Patient education and forum, travel and prosthetic assistance, events page

'Ocumel Canada' logo

Ocumel Canada

Education, advocacy and awareness, patient stories and resources

'Ocumel UK' logo

OcuMel UK

Information for patients and healthcare professionals, helpline and an online community for people affected by ocular melanoma, volunteer activities, and fund-raising

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